Thursday, November 02, 2006

Nana's Little Monster Lips

One day Jodi, Jarrod, Jayden and I went shopping at JoAnne fabrics, Jodi found these lips and they had a sucker on the opposite side of the lips. Jodi let each of the boys choose which one they wanted and bought them one. On the way home we stopped at the nursing home so they could show their MONSTER LIPS off to their mom, Grandma Willa and others that were there. They had a lot of fun and also a sweet treat. I mentioned I was going to have to scrapbook this as they were just to cute and Jodi came up with saving the lips when the suckers were gone to add to my lay-out, Now how clever was that?
When I went to scrapbook the pictures I found the perfect paper and matching chipboard letters in my at home supply of stuff I collected from one of my many shopping outings where I purchase things just because I like them, even though I have no use for it whatsoever at the time. That makes me feel great when I create a lay-out from stuff I have at home and don't have to run out and buy the paper and such.
I can't take any of the credit because if I hadn't been blessed with these sweet little faces , there would be no object in scrapbooking the page. A gift from heaven.....Guess I will ponder that for a while....Have a wonderful fun filled day.