Tuesday, February 20, 2007

In Memory of My Mom!!!

This post is in memory of my Mom
Born to Earth:August 10,1931
Returned to God: January 29, 2006
Age: 75 Years

My Mom had a Good Heart, She truly believed in God with all her mind and heart and witnessed it often. She always opened her home and was a very hospitable person wanting to make everyone feel welcome . If anyone ever went away from her home hungry , Well then it was their own fault because she tried to feed everyone that walked through the door.

She came from a rather large family and was very fond of spending time with her four sister one brother and their spouses.

  • Vera and Tom
  • Ardith and Russel
  • Fern and Sebastian
  • Sonny and Nellie
  • Garnet and Clyde
I remember her and my dad going out with Vera and Tom to fairs and festivals , They enjoyed going to them just to get something good to eat, Many times they would go out and spend the day together not coming home until late at night.

Ardith passed away in her 40's so I was only about 12 at the time but I remember her and her children which were all older then me coming to our house and her and my mom would say we were having a party and they would make popcorn, peanut butter fudge and slice apples, play music and sing and dance around.

Fern and Sebastian, for many years we lived within walking distance to their house we would walk to their house and I would go out and play with the neighbor kids and my mom, Fern and Ida Mae sometimes Dewey would play card games, Rook, Muggins, Yuker, 500 Rummy,or Kings Corners to name a few. They could have a lot of fun all day playing games and eating snacks.

Sonny and Nellie would come over and take Mom and Dad with them and they would go riding all over and find a flea market to get out and look around at then they would ride back stopping somewhere to eat along the way. This would give them the day to spend together to talk and laugh and have a good time.

Garnet and Clyde lived with Grandma in the house across the street from the Massillon Stadium. All the family would always gather there on July 4th to watch the fireworks, We would have picnics and My mom and her sisters would slice up a watermelon passing it out for all to enjoy this was always a fun occasion and Most always all of the siblings and their families would show up along with friends too, the yard and the house would be full and we all had fun.

My mom was the last of all 6 of her siblings to pass away. She was the second to youngest.
All her sisters passed away first and then her brother, I heard her mention many times of missing her sisters and how happy she would be to see them all again.

My mom had many times when she was very ill and seemed to be close to death. I doubt I could even tell you how many times I was worried we would lose her. But the last three years of her life was probably the time she would have bad spells and come out of them with leaving damage that was permanent to the vital organs in her body. She was in Renal Failure, had diabetes. Those things were the hardest for her to control after a certain point in her life. She got bad enough that she went to live at Rose Lane health Center. There she lived the last two years of her life.

I feel as though her quality of life was much better at Rose Lane as she had better access to get around other people and enjoy activities without leaving the building, I really didn't even know how much of an outgoing person she was until she lived there and took part in being a part of so many of the residents life. Her personality bloomed to its highest when she lived there as she would go up and down the halls entertaining others with her singing and Happy nature. Over the two years that she lived there I made two scrapbooks. Below is a slide Show of the one I made during her last year of life 2006. By the time I got it made she was actually to far gone to even know I made it or to see or talk about it.

I will end this with a message to my Mom, Thank You for being the best mom you could be, I love you very much, I will miss you but know one day I will see you again.