Friday, March 02, 2007

Rachels 7th Grade scrapbook spread

This is Rachel's 7th grade page, notice the big hair in front lol too funny, I'm thinking Rachel told me the cheer leading was for basketball. This spread isn't one of my better ones , I took stuff with me to the nursing home when I was staying there with my mom to give me something to do, well I couldn't take my whole room so what I had to choose from was very limited thats why there are no embellishments on some of the pages cause some of them were made there. Anyway I think the dance was her FIRST dance and they all look so little and cute. To young for that boyfriend/girlfriend thing...but now they start even younger.. I also see I need to start taking the pages out of the plastic to take my pics, thats what happens when you try to cut too many corners.....Have a Great Day! SMILE!!!!!


It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

looks great gal... great job on your blog..
have you tried taking your pics without the page protectors on.... it might take away your glare so that we can see the pages a bit better.. or try taking them in natural light without a flash.. hth!!!

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