Tuesday, June 12, 2007

12 reasons I have to be happy today.

Nancy's Blog Challenge for Tuesday , June 12,2007

12 reasons I have to be happy today.

1. Today is my baby's 23rd Birthday so I can be happy that 23 years ago today God gave me my second beautiful daughter to Love, I could never express in words the joy they have both brought to my life, without them I wouldn't be the person I am today, I have grown and learned so much through them. Especially since they have become adults.

2. My husband of 28 Years after all he was a big part in assisting me with getting the daughters LOL, and his devotion over the years, He is a hard working loyal man.

3. The internet and TTS where I found all you wonderful friends to be able to relate things in my life to and look back and Laugh at things, Nancy for her stories about Bella and the water and ziploc bags and the spice sand castle, and the music I listen to extendedly every time I visit her blog.

4. The relationship I have with Jesus Christ knowing I am never alone and any time of day I find it necesary I can go to him and he is there even though I am human and live in the flesh and struggle with following worldly ways at times, he is right there to forgive me and pick me up when I fall.

5. That I was born to my Mother and had 46 years of life that I learned from her mistakes, She had a rough life and tried her best to give me everything in life that she could , what she probably never knew when she died was that it was probably what she couldn't give me in our relationship that taught me the most and helped to make me the person I am today. No matter what she was my Mother and I loved her dearly, She will always hold a special place in my heart.

6.My two handsome sweet loving grandsons and the 3rd little guy thats on his way here, and all the character children build in a person, they will never know how they touch my heart so lovingly on a daily basis.

7. My Son-in-laws who are there to support my daughters emotionally and financially and love them with all their heart, They both are very special to me in many different ways, They both have the same name , Jacob. Must be a good name for Good strong young men. They were both right there for me when my mother passed away and I know I could count on them anytime day or night I was in a crisis and called on them.

8. The great supportive church and small group we attend Rivertree Christian Church (http://www.rivertreechristian.com/default.asp ) where we have made friends and are in the process of building relationships. Pastor Roger Schuler and his family that are caring enough to be actively involved with members of the church on a personal basis.

9. That God has given me the ability to reach out and accept all this love from all the people in my life and return my love to them on a regular basis forming new relationships and learning daily that it's ok to reach out and touch someone.

10. For all the many material things I have in life that are far from being a necessity, Things many people in this world never have the opportunity to experience in life and the heart and opportunity to sometimes be able to share some of those things with others.

11. For the freedom of this country and the many men out there who are fighting for our country and the families losing their loved ones in this war, God Bless them and be with them and their families guarding over them that they may come home safely..

12. My health physical and mental and the ability to be able to choose my choices in taking care of myself and my body, Many don't have as good of options as others and I pray that God helps them deal with those health problems as they live daily through them but to always see somebody out there has something harder or more severe to deal with So it's best to be Thankful for what we have and have faith that God will see us through til the end.

Okay there they are.... This only touches base with things I have to be Happy for but it's very reminding to really think aboput it and put it in writing so we can see how very much we have to be Happy about,,,,,Thank You Nancy for showing me I need to look for these things and keep them close to my heart............Until next time, Have a HAPPY Day!!!!!!!!!!


Dawn said...

wonderful list of happiness! And Happy Birthday to your DD - we share a b-day but Um I am a bit older - 35 today. Thank you for sharing your list with us.

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