Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Wedding

The wedding was beautiful. Everything went so well and our weather was about as good as it could be for the day. To the right is the cake. And as you can see her color was Yellow, and was a very nice color for the time of year.

My Son-In-Law of 8 years, Jacob, walked me down the isle about 5 minutes before the ceremony started, Then took his place with the other groomsmen.

To the Left is the Jr Groomsman Jarrod age 5 (my oldest Grandson) and the Jr. Bridesmaid Emily age 7 ( my Great Niece)
They are so grown up and did a wonderful job.

This photo is my youngest grandson until September when the baby is born that is. Jayden (Jarrods brother) age 3 was the Ring Bearer It's very fortunate that he did not carry the real rings LOL. Those photos come later.

The Flower girl ,Katie age 4 (Emilys sister so also my great niece) did her job very well, Of course this was the two girls second wedding in the last year . And I can't recall the boys ever even attending a wedding.

AHHH Time for the Bride to be escorted down the isle by her father my handsome husband, She was a beautiful bride , I saw the groom fight back some tears when he saw her coming down the isle,,,,,,In the background fixing her train is my niece Beth I have to give her credit for being the mother of the two sweet little girls .

During the wedding Jayden the ring bearer decided to steal the show, he laid his pillow on the ground and laid his head down on it, I guess the ceremony was getting too long and he thought he should take a nap ..

Every Now and again he would look up to see what everyone in the front rows that could see him were snickering about, or to see what was going to happen next.

After that they were pronounced Man and Wife and we all were escorted to stand in the reception line,,,The matron of honor is to the right of the bride in the yellow dress, Rachel, My oldest daughter and the mother of the two little boys, She will deliver her 3rd son in Sept.,,,I am now the proud Mother-In-Law of 2 Son-In-Laws and their names are both Jacob,,,,So the first in the family gets to be called Jacob the 2nd gets to be referred to as Jake by our family,,,


Holly said...

Beautiful pictures.

Julie said...

Such a beautiful wedding!! I love your story about it and how Jayden stole the show! *LOL* Too cute!!!

Megan said...

Oh what a gorgeous wedding with my fav. color, yellow! That cake looks superb and what a PRETTY BRIDE! :) Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

NancyJones said...

OH how beautiful and the little ring bearer is SOOOOOO DARLING!! My ring bearer twirled the pillow on his finger down the isle rofl KIDS are sooo funny!

BEautiful everything loooked so beautiful

It's Just me...Crazy "T" said...

what gorgeous photos and such a great memory.. thanks so much for sharing!!!

Dawn said...

beautiful wedding, your DD looks very pretty and I love the pic of the little ring bearer!

Trini said...

Interesting to know.