Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Childhood Memory-Family reunions at the park

Wow this is going to be a great blog for me and is todays blog challenge in TTS

Thanks Dawn,

I remember as a child every summer my Mom's side of the family always had these big family reunions at the park. Many that I remember were here at Sippo park in Massillon, It was a lot of fun cause My Grandparents had 6 children and they all had children. So in all they had 23 grandchildren and I was the 4th from the youngest.

There would be soo much food that everyone brought, but one of the biggest things I always remember is someone would always bring a WHOLE watermelon and they would cut it in wedges and people would stand around and bite it right from the wedge, I remember sometimes you had to bend over to eat it so you wouldn't drip juice all over your clothes. I never do that now if I buy a watermelon I cut it up in a bowl and eat it with a fork , One day I just might have to find me some watermelon eaters and go off to the park and cut one up and eat it without a bowl or fork. Now that sounds like a plan of enjoying the simple things in life!!!!

Maybe I'll just have to plan a picnic that would work also, I mean after all how can you go to the park without a Whole watermelon and have a picnic? Anyone want to come?????


Dawn said...

Oh Beth what a fun fun memory! I say run on out and have a Watermelon Picnic!

Angela said...

Beth - what a great memory! You actually reminded me of a family reunion we had when I was little. We had egg balancing, water balloons, three legged races. And we just had a party this weekend at my house and guess what we ate! Wedges of watermelon!
Thanks for helping me remember!