Wednesday, July 11, 2007

While the Cats away the Mice are playing!!!!

In TTS While Tracy is away the mice are playing and have requested we blog about Luck or what brings each one good Luck as in a Good Luck Charm....

I would have to say, hopefully without sounding like a prude,,,,,That I have never had a big belief for luck, I rather have a tendency to believe that things happen for a reason and we get what we work for, What we inherit, or what God graciously blesses us with.

Come to think of it though I am often at a wonder as to why some people are blessed with so much more then others.

Many people have a symbol that they believe brings them good luck if they have it on their body. such as a rabbits foot, a family heirloom, a coin, a peice of jewelry But if I had to narrow it down and seriously choose a good luck charm to take with me somewhere with all kidding aside, I would have to choose my Bible. As that is where all my instructions from My provider of blessings roots from.


Dawn said...

beautiful post and I agree. I think luck can become a convienent word. But I believe every good and perfect gift comes from the father above.
Thank you for playing