Sunday, January 13, 2008

Something to Ponder!!!!

Today I saw a message on a sign along the road and I thought wow, How true is that!

It read: "Attitudes are contagious, Is yours worth catching?"

It made me stop and think to myself how important it is to watch what kind of attitude we put out as adults being role models for others and children.

When these thoughts came to me, I decided then and there that it was something worthy of being my resolution for 2008, to make my attitude positive, glorifying to God and as friendly and helpful to others as I possibly can be.

The choice of out attitude determines many decisions we make in our life.

Life is too Short , Let's make things more enjoyable by the choices we make. My goal is to be on the look out for the blessings in my life and post about a different one every day.

Today my blessing was seeing this posted sign along the road.

Have a wonderful week!!!!!


Dawn said...

Wonderful observation Beth. I agree our attitude really can make a big change in oursleves and those around us

Julie said...

That is a wonderful attitude to have! You are so right, we are the role models for the kids! WTG Beth!!!

Angela said...

Beth this is awesome! I have a quote that is on my fridge, my computer, in my car and at work...
Even if you cannot change the world, you can change your attitude! It reminds me everyday what you stated so wonderfully!

scrappermimi said...

What a great quote, and so true! Good luck and I may even try to focus on this too!

Dawn said...

Great quote and wonderful goal!