Saturday, February 09, 2008

Family Recognition!

Today I want to pay special recognition to my daughters and Son-in-laws
I am just so thankful for them that I really can't even begin to express it, This morning on a Saturday morning Mandy and Jake both gave up their day off and were here at my house to help me with a well overdo home improvement project that I needed to get taken care of.
They helped me completely clean out my scrapbook room including carpet and Primer the walls, Tomorrow morning they will be back along with Rachel (Jacob will have the three boys) so they can put the paint on the room, Wed. my carpet will be delivered and installed and I can start re-shaping the room, with my tools and supplies, I want to try to have a better organization system and more compact with less things that don't get used.
I So wish I would have taken before and after photos, this is going to be a drastic change .
I have such great kids to take their week-end off to help me with some big project like this. I don't know what I would do without them, Mandy, Jake, Rachel and Jacob You are all such a wonderful Blessing in my life Thank You So much for the love and support you have shown towards me, I am so very proud of all four of you and your accomplishments in life, I Can not express my gratitude and Thanks to you enough, and pray that you know how much I Love You all. Big Hugs from Me to all of you!


Julie said...

What a sweet thing for them to do! I hope you put up a pic of your room when it is done!!