Saturday, February 09, 2008

How I Met Keith

I am going to tag 7 people. In honor of Valentines Day here is a survey about our mates. I am tagging Dawne, Kacee, Elizabeth, Renee,Fabella,Kristin and Rory

Body: How did you meet your significant other? Answer all the questions HONESTLY and repost as

" How I met Keith "

1. Where did you meet? A friend of mine took me to his house!

2. What was the first thought that went through your head when you met? I was young and foolish and thought it was love at first sight! LOL

3. Do you remember what he/she was wearing? Really light colored Jeans and a pocket T-Shirt (his usual attire)

4. Where was the first time you kissed this person?probably in his car in a parking lot some where

5. How did he/she ask you out? I really don't remember , I think we just started hangin out together.

6. Where did you go for your first date? UGH I can't remember that either

7. How long did you know this person before you became a couple? Well we knew each other for 5 months before we got married.

8. Has this person ever proposed to you? I think it was more of a mutual discussed decision.

9. Do you and this person have kids together? yep 2 daughters, Rachel 27 and Mandy 23

10. Have you ever broken the law with this person? Only if your counting 2 different speeding ticket I got when he was in the car with me.

11. When was the first time you realized that you liked this person? Well I was 17 and worried I was gonna be an old maid, So I snatched him up before I really knew him all that well.

12. Do you get along with any of the ex's of your partner? Never met them.

13. Do you trust this person? Depends on what it is I would be trusting him with LOL. Money I might have to think twice.

14. Do you see your partner in your future? I took the vows "Til death do us part" and after 30 years I sure wouldn't want to start over.

15. What is the most expensive thing this person has given you? I would say my dental repairs

16. What is one thing he/she does that gets on your nerves? complains and lets little things cause problems between us.

17. What is the thing you do that gets on his/her nerves?Some days I would have to say everything I do.

18. Where do you see each other in 15 years from now? Still living in this house, Him retired and hopefully me working part time doing something to get us time away occasionally

19. If you are married how did he propose to you? I don't think he did in a formal way with a ring it was kind of in conversation


Julie said...

*L* I love reading these!

Angela said...

Very fun! Very informative! What a neat way to learn more about people!